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By Alessandro Civera 17 January 2019


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Dear Customer,
as you know yet, Italy and especially our Region have been strongly hit by Corona Virus - COVID-19. Our Government has so decided that all those activities that are not essential or of primary interest for necessary industries had to lock down from March 23rd morning until April 5th included.

Rubber products industries are not included in that list and so we are still entitled to be operative.

Despite this, we decided ourselves to shut down our production line from Thursday, March 26th until April 5th included. This is a tough decision that comes from our hearts and it stands upon our consciousness that health comes before business. With some of you we have a long time based business relationship, with some other we just started to cooperate, but in any case we always acted with full willingness, friendship and honesty, trying to give you the best professionalism and service level.
We know you can now understand us and our actions.

So, practically, how is the ORINGONE structure reacting?

For a total of 7 working days from Thursday 26th of March, and so until Friday 3rd of April included, we won’t have any worker in our premises and our production lines will be just closed. Our offices, even if empty, will be operative anyway: our Staff will be on smart working and at your disposal for all the usual tasks as:

  • Accountability duties
  • Requests for quotations
  • Orders receiving and confirmations
  • Warnings and claims
  • General communications

What’s happening to your orders?

All the orders already processed and previously agreed with deliveries planned during this temporary closure period will be postponed of 2 working weeks and it will be our care to give you updated orders' confirmation if needed.

All the existing XPRESS orders with a confirmed delivery will be dispatched this week, Thursday morning, March 26th at the latest.

All the orders received from today and so all this period long (standard production, XTEND or XPRESS) will be processed as usual and the delivery will be confirmed according to our standard lead time (4 weeks for standard service, 8 weeks or more for XTEND and 4, 7 or 10 days for XPRESS Service) starting from Monday 6th of April.

We perfectly know that all this may be disappointing and hard to accept, especially in case of existing orders, but we have no different choice or alternative at the moment. We'll double our efforts when we'll get back to accelerate all the postponed and delayed deliveries.

In Bergamo we've been teached since we were children that in life there's a time to play and then comes adultness. This is the time to act responsible.
This is the time to defeat this Virus.
Be safe.

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