No application deserves a low-quality profile, with poor physical characteristics, low mechanical performance and broad dimensional tolerances.

This is why we produce CORDONE, in order to offer a product that does the work of an O-Ring, without being an O-Ring.

CORDONE is produced using the same technology as for our O-Rings and is therefore to all intents and purposes a product that is completely compression moulded from the first to the last metre.

As it is moulded and not simply vulcanized, it is superior to any other cord and has considerable advantages for the purpose of use.

This is what differentiates CORDONE from other cords:

Compression moulding Not simply extruded
Very high mechanical performance Compression Set, Elongation and Ultimate Tensile Strength compared to those of an O-Ring
Ground surface It receives the same treatment as our O-Rings
Tolerances from ISO standards It has the same tolerances applied on our O-Rings and defined by the ISO 3601-1 and ISO 3601-3 standards (grades N and S)

What is CORDONE?

CORDONE is sold in coils with fixed lengths. The minimum order for each section of cord is a coil. Only the length of the FFKM family materials can be customized.

Cross sections and formats available:

2.62 mm
2,62 5,33 7,50 10,82 15,00 24,00
3,00 5,50 8,00 11,00 16,00 25,00
3,50 5,70 8,40 12,00 17,00 26,00
3,53 6,00 8,50 12,70 18,00 28,00
4,00 6,35 9,00 13,00 19,00 30,00
4,50 6,50 9,50 14,00 20,00 40,00
5,00 7,00 10,00 14,40 22,00

As with our O-Rings, we apply tolerances according to international standards.

We produce CORDONE in all these materials, with certifications for food use (FDA, 3A Sanitary Standards, USP) available and for AED use (Norsok M710).

Caution: For VMQ and CR materials the minimum cross section producible is 5,00 mm


How we deliver CORDONE

(included in the price)

(applicable additional costs)


ORINGONE BLUBOX 400x400x200 (mm) + containment blisters

NEUTRAL HAVANA (free) 400x400x200 (mm) + containment blisters


180 H x 180 Ø (mm) Neutral cardboard with white plastic cap Quantity (m) fixed (see download below)


80x90 (mm) STANDARD ORINGONE (Custom references free of charge - see limits)

80x90 (mm) NEUTRAL (Custom references free of charge - see limits)


Packing list Certificate 3.1 (dimensional and hardness report)

Packing list Certificate 3.1 (dimensional and hardness report)