Oringone. Environmentally-sustainable O-rings manufactured with reduced energy consumption

17 March 2023

Reducing energy impact is an approach that Oringone has resolutely embraced, convinced that it is possible to combine the optimisation of manufacturing processes with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Various actions have been undertaken by the organisation: the adoption of the ISO 50001…


Six good reasons for choosing O-rings by Oringone

22 December 2022

Maximum customisation, zero minimum order requirements, high-quality performance and reliable products made from the finest compounds. Oringone’s o-rings are versatile units designed to meet the widest possible range of customer requirements. Let’s…


FFKM for Mechanical seals

10 November 2022

Mechanical seals are largely used in several industrial application, such as automotive, naval, industrial equipment and also residential. The main job of a Mechanical Seals is to prevent the fluid, used in a machine, from leaking to the external environment. Inside a Mechanical Seals you can find primary and secondary…

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Oringone O-rings. Products certified for quality, safety, protection for people and respect for the environment

12 October 2022

The o-rings by Oringone are the result of a multi-certified process. Alongside ISO 9001 quality certification, which has now become a fundamental standard for the market, Oringone, a company located in Italy’s so-called “Rubber Valley,” has chosen to adopt various other certifications: “a choice…

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O-ring online store. Convenient, quick quotations and purchases

21 August 2022

How long does it take to request an offer? In the world of consumer goods, e-commerce is now a common alternative to brick-and-mortar shops, both for purchasing and shipping solutions and for researching and comparing prices and conditions. In the world of technical items such as o-rings, the e-commerce scene…

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ORINGONE. The leading company for large-diameter O-rings

11 July 2022

Eight and a half metres: this is the diameter of an O-ring made by ORINGONE for an enormous telescope in Peru. Total customisation, and the highest levels of performance. There are no limits to the large-diameter O rings that ORINGONE can make. In fact, quality, performance, flexibility and high-profile service…

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O-RING. From the origins of O-rings to the innovative technology by ORINGONE

7 June 2022

O rings are elastomer rings with a circular cross-section. They withstand various types of stress, and are resistant to changes in both the O-ring section and its diameters. These characteristics make them amongst the finest seals of all in terms of flexibility. For this reason, they are extensively used in…

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Practical uses of laboratory tests: elongation and tensile strength tests.

14 June 2021

One of the most used laboratory tests to evaluate the quality of a compound / O-ring is the elongation and tensile strength test. The test requires a standard specimen / O-ring to be “stretched” until it breaks. At that moment, the percentage of elongation that it has undergone and the…

Dynamic applications are defined as those where the seals act as dividers on the surfaces of two elements that move one against the other. We position dividing the dynamic applications of an O-Ring into alternating and rotating linear applications.

Material selection – FKM

23 February 2021

FKM, also known generically as FPM, are a family of elastomers that can be defined as “fluorinated compounds“. Thanks to the presence of fluorine in the formulation, they are considered high-quality compounds, with generally excellent resistance to high temperatures and the attack of chemical substances. Characteristics and fields of use…


O-Rings’ Surface Finishing

23 February 2021

The quality of the finish of O-Rings’ and grooves’ surfaces is a priority feature for the final sealing result and lifetime of the O-ring itself. Therefore, the surface finishing of the O-rings is something to be taken in serious consideration for specific applications. Usually, for common purposes, the surface roughness…

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