FFKM for Mechanical seals

10 November 2022

Mechanical seals are largely used in several industrial application, such as automotive, naval, industrial equipment and also residential. The main job of a Mechanical Seals is to prevent the fluid, used in a machine, from leaking to the external environment. Inside a Mechanical Seals you can find primary and secondary…

FFKM Eztra Orginone

Oringone O-rings. Products certified for quality, safety, protection for people and respect for the environment

12 October 2022

The o-rings by Oringone are the result of a multi-certified process. Alongside ISO 9001 quality certification, which has now become a fundamental standard for the market, Oringone, a company located in Italy’s so-called “Rubber Valley,” has chosen to adopt various other certifications: “a choice…

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O-ring online store. Convenient, quick quotations and purchases

21 August 2022

How long does it take to request an offer? In the world of consumer goods, e-commerce is now a common alternative to brick-and-mortar shops, both for purchasing and shipping solutions and for researching and comparing prices and conditions. In the world of technical items such as o-rings, the e-commerce scene…

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ORINGONE. The leading company for large-diameter O-rings

11 July 2022

Eight and a half metres: this is the diameter of an O-ring made by ORINGONE for an enormous telescope in Peru. Total customisation, and the highest levels of performance. There are no limits to the large-diameter O rings that ORINGONE can make. In fact, quality, performance, flexibility and high-profile service…

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